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Pacific Rim University Press titles may be ordered directly; through independent booksellers; or, if your library does not have a copy, through inter-library loan. To place a direct order, please see mailing address below, or contact us by e-mail: or ; receipts are sent with all orders, but no additional paperwork (institutions please take­ note). All prices are postpaid; in most cases, therefore, orders for multiple copies can be shipped at a lower total cost.

Too Much Moran: Respecting the Death of Edgar Poe by Michael A. Powell (2009; hard cover, 190 pages [x, 180], illus., with notes, bibliographic references, bibliography, maps, and index, $55.00; $60.00 [£40.00] international) ERRATA SHEET (PDF) [DETAILS]

Pathologic Reaction to Alcohol: English Translations of, and Original Texts in Facsimile for, «Ueber eine Form des Rausches, welche als Manie verläuft» (1869) and «Zustände pathologischer Alkoholreaktion» (1903) by Richard von Krafft-Ebing (2011; 45 pages, $10.00; $15.00 [£10.00] international) [DETAILS]

Who Killed Pap Finn (and Why Tom Sawyer Dawdled) by Michael A. Powell (2012; 48 pages [vi, 42], $10.00; $15.00 [£10.00] international) [DETAILS]

Тигриная Одуссея (Tigrinaia Odisseia; Tiger Odyssey) English translation and narration by Michael S. Jones (2012; film, 22:45 min. [NTSC VHS]; Vladivostok Television broadcast: Тайги Прсдставляст, 2004; $20.00; $25.00 [£16.50] international)

Mark Twain: A Raftsmen Episode Variorum, edited with an essay by Michael A. Powell (2014 [30 November]; soft cover; 104 pages [vi, 98], illus., with notes and bibliographic references $20.00; $30.00 [£20.00] international) ERRATA SHEET (PDF) [DETAILS]

California Postcards: Brochure for the Kuraya Gallery Exhibition (August 2012), Naoshima (forthcoming [2017]; colour illus., $10.00; $15.00 [£15.00] international)

The Cassady Narrative: An Essay, together with an Annotated Bibliography of Works by and about Neal Cassady (limited pre-trade edition forthcoming [2017; following publication of “The Joan Anderson Letter”]; c. 320 pages, $50.00; $55.00 [£37.50] international) / /

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